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About Building Permission Information

Which documents are required to obtain building permission?
Following documents are required to get a building permission
1) 7/12 extract of land or abstract of property card (Latest – within 6 months)
2) Land measurement map of the plot (Latest – within 6 months)
3) Development Plan remarks
4) Undertaking on stamp paper of Rs 200
5) Affidavit and bond on stamp paper Rs 200
6) Letter from R.C. C. Designer in prescribed form
7) Letter from Architect in prescribed form
8) NOC (No Objection Certificate) from Garden Department,
9) NOC from Fire Brigade Department (as required)
10) Title & search report
11) Maps of Construction,
Application must be submitted online
NOC from Water Supply Department and Sewage Department at the time of checking of plinth
NOC from NHAI and Irrigation Department in case flood line marking (if applicable).

What documents are required to get building completion certificate?
Following documents are required for completion certificate:
1) NOC from Water Supply, Sewage and Garden Department
2) Structural stability certificate from R.C.C designers
3) Application from Architect in prescribed format
4) Maps of construction site (Record Drawing)
5) Map showing measurement and boundary
6) NOC from Fire Brigade Department (if necessary)
7) Elevator License (if necessary) Compliance of conditions mentioned in Building permission is mandatory.

What is the minimum plot area to get building permission?
In gaonthan area/densely populated area, at least 20 Sq.m (215 Sq. Feet) plot area is required.
In non-gaonthan area / scarcely populated area, at least 50 Sq. m (538 Sq. Feet) plot area is required.

How do I get Manual of Building Permission?
Building Permission manual can be obtained from Building Permission Department on payment of Rs.375 to the Corporation.

What process is prescribed for issue of new building permission?
Building permission proposal shall be sent to Citizen Facilitation Center and also uploaded on Corporation’s website, through licensed Architect / Surveyor. After this Junior Engineer makes site visit and submits his/her report online. After verifying map, the proposal is approved either at Dy. Engineer’s or Dy. City Engineer’s level, depending upon area of construction. Building permission certificate is issued after necessary approval and payment of development charges and fire extinguishing charges to the Corporation.

How long does it take to get building permission after submission of proposal?
On furnishing all the necessary documents and plans in accordance with Municipal Development Control Regulations, building permission is granted within 60 days.

How much FSI (floor space index) is admissible within PCMC Limits?
FSI is approved as per Development Control Rules for plots in approved layout under Corporation’s jurisdiction. A plot measuring 2000 Sq. meter is allowed 0.85 FSI. Plots in densely populated area are allowed FSI of 1.5 for residential purpose and 0.5 FSI for commercial use, totaling 2 FSI.

What is the amount of development charge that one is required to be paid to get building permission?
Development charges are recovered at the rate of 0.5 per square meter of the Ready Reckoner rates for particular plot. As far as residential type of construction is concerned, 2% per square meter of the ready reckoner rate of particular plot is charged as development charge. It is twice the amount (of residential) for commercial type of construction.

What is the maximum height of a building for which one can get building permission within jurisdiction of PCMC ?
A building with maximum height of 70 meters can be erected in PCMC area depending upon area of plot and width of the road.

Sr. no. Width of the road in front incl.footpath Minimum Plot Size (Sq. Meter) Max. Height of Building in Meter Number of Floors
1 6.0 Mtr. 20 Sq.mtr. ते 125 Sq.mtr. 10 mtr. Ground + 1 or parking + 2
2 6.0 mtr. up to 250 Sq.mtr. 10 mtr. ground + 1 or parking + 2
3 6.0 mtr. 250 Sq.mtr. to 500 Sq.mtr. 12 mtr. ground + 3 or parking + 4
4 6.0 mtr. 500 Sq.mtr. 18 mtr. ground + 5 or parking + 6
5 9.0 mtr. 1000 Sq.mtr. 24 mtr. ground + 7 or parking + 8
6 12.0 mtr. 1000 Sq.mtr. 30.60 mtr. parking + 10
7 12.0 mtr. 2000 Sq.mtr. 40 mtr. parking + 12
8 15.0 mtr. 4000 Sq.mtr. 50 mtr. parking + 15
9 18.0 mtr. 6000 Sq.mtr. 70 mtr. parking + 22

Can one get building permission for a plot in Green Zone?
Yes. As per the provision in Municipal Development Control Regulations, 4% construction is permissible on a plot in Green Zone. This construction should be for golf club, nurseries, fertilizers godown, electrical substation, water and suwerage project, residential quarters for staff of Water and suwerage project, sports and games, health club, tennis courts, service restaurants, farm houses etc.

What documents are required to get a plinth (jote) checking Certificate?
Following documents are required to get a plinth (jote) checking Certificate :
1) N.A. (non-agriculture usage) Certificate
2) No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Property Tax Collection Department
3) Record Plan
4) Strata verification certificate issued by R.C.C. designer
5) Application from Architect in prescribed format,
6) Set back checking certificate (if required)

Is it appropriate if a developer is charging extra for parking area?
No. As per decision by Hon. High Court Appeal Number: 2182/2007, developer must offer parking area free of charge. The decision is being implemented in Corporation area since 11/ 06 / 2009.

I have property tax bill and the receipt of payment. Does it imply that the construction is authorized?
Property tax bill and the receipt of payment do not imply that the construction has received building permission and it is authorized.

In case, developer has not complied with obligations mentioned in the agreement, where should I lodge a complaint?
If a developer does not comply with the obligations mentioned in the agreement, complaint can be lodged with Consumer Court or with Civil Court.
In case of complaints pertaining to building plan or permissions, complaint shall be lodged with Building Permission Department of PCMC.

When is the ‘Environment Clearance’ required for getting building permission?
Project with construction area more than 20,000 sq. meters require Environment Clearance Certificate.

How does one understand as to whether any building has received either building permission or completion certificate?
This information is available on the Corporation’s website: www.pcmcindia.gov.in > Popular links> Authorized Constructions> Constructions approved by PCMC since 1982

Can TDR (Transfer of Development Rights) be utilized on a Plot?
Yes. T.D.R. up to the maximum limit of 40% of Net Plot Area can be utilized on a plot. It is processed by Town Planning Department. Accordingly process of approval to the plan / map of the building is carried out by Building Permission Department of the Corporation.