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25 Factors worth Considering Before Buying a New Flat in Pune

Here are 25 Factors worth considering before buying a new 1bhk flat in Pune:

  1. The Apartment Price plays an important role here. This refers to the premium price that is being charged for your apartment. The property market is often segmented using this factor.
  2. Availability of Swimming Pool, Gymnasium and other sports facilities. Many residential complexes offer recreational facilities to their residents to cater their lifestyle needs.
  3. Vehicular Traffic close to location. This factor refers to the density of vehicular movement in the location in which the residential complex is located.
  4. The size of the rooms within the flat or apartment is an important factor as some buyers prefer big, airy rooms while others might prefer smaller rooms.
  5. Close proximity to Pune City. This refers to the location of your residential complex relative to the city boundaries, as to whether it is within the city or on the outskirts of Pune.
  6. Flexibility and the ability to obtain Loans. This element stands for the ease with which the buyers can get loans, either with the help of the builder or on their own.
  7. The availability of parking is considered very important by customers as every family today owns one or more cars. Also most people prefer a covered parking.
  8. The exterior Look and charm of the residential complex is surely considered an important factor affecting the purchasing decision of the buyer in Pune.
  9. The total income of the household is a very important factor one must consider as it often dictates the purchasing decision of couples or families.
  10. Perceived Safety of Locality where you will purchase your flat. This might be a big concern for some people, especially working single women and older people might significantly influence the purchase decision depending on the crime rate of the locality.
  11. Branded building components and fixtures, especially in a semi-luxury or luxury apartments, customers value a flat more if it has branded fittings and furnishings.
  12. View from the apartment, especially where amenities facing apartments are preferred by buyers, also such amenities facing apartments might be charged a higher premium.
  13. Preference to ground floor, this factor refers to the customer’s preference for the ground floor as compared to other higher floors.
  14. A continuous, assured and good quality of water supply can play a crucial role in buying of an apartment in Pune.
  15. Structure of your residential complex, the layout of the apartment and adherence to the new earthquake norms and other relevant approvals.
  16. One must consider the status of your neighborhood where you are going to purchase your dream flat. For some customers, good reputation and positive social standing of the local area that they live is very crucial.
  17. For some buyers in Pune close proximity to shops, parks and gardens plays an important role while buying a new flat.
  18. Interior Design, good planning and innovative features of the apartment will surely play an important role, like latest flooring, power saving lighting, and an airy balcony; factors like these are surely considered when one is spending the hard earned money owning a new home for his family.
  19. Availability of good domestic help will surely be an important consideration, especially for those working couples staying 8 to 9 hours a day out of house, working in IT companies near Pune.
  20. Close proximity to Schools and Offices.
  21. Many new home owners are heavily influenced by the top brand name and a good reputation of the builder.
  22. Monthly maintenance cost and certain average monthly expenditure that is incurred as living expenses.
  23. Close proximity to a good and organized Public transport and accessibility to major Roads, highways and expressways.
  24. A very good quality power backup in case of power outages may also influence the buying decision of the customer, especially if he has faced such issues in the past.
  25. Close proximity to his or her friends and relatives and accessibility to their homes will play a vital role in the buying decision of a new flat in Pune.