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Buying 1 BHK Flat in Pune Go with a Renowned Name

Now, in the real estate world there exist only two varieties of homes:

1. Homes by Branded builder – somebody with vast years of work behind them, and a body of successfully completed projects on schedule. He or she enjoys brand recognition and good will in the market.

2. Homes by new builder/ relatively unknown names: They do not have a huge list of completed projects, mainly due the inexperience in the field. Their projects would be comparably affordable, but you wouldn’t know much about the quality and delivery schedule of their work, since their wouldn’t be many people who could vouch for them.

So whom should you pick?

Our recommendation?

Go with a renowned name.


Let’s get started…

1. The Trust Factor: Ok, you and your spouse have been scouring the internet and newspapers for houses and every once in a while names of ‘branded’ builders pop up. You also see their massive billboards on your way to work. You think, “Whoa! these builders sure have loads of money to splurge on such lavish ads!”

Has the thought ever crossed your mind that these names have become “brands” because over the years they have done marvelous business, delivered superior quality projects and have made customers happy? Think of it this way…there may be a dozen lookalikes of Coca-Cola, but there’s just one Coca-Cola, isn’t it? Branded real estate companies offer valuable projects which make them trustworthy and thus safer bets to invest your money in.

2. No foul play: A list of all things that may go wrong.

‘Branded’ Reputed Builder Less Known Builder
There’s less chance of foul play thanks to transparency in dealings During delivery, you may be handed over something different from what was promised
Resale value is high Resale value is low
Will always give you promised dimensions  There may be several deviations in design and construction
Chances are bleak that your property is on disputed land Always a nagging thought…what if the land is not clear and you aren’t aware of this?
You can ask the builder for sanctioned plan, papers & commencement certificate May violate the sanctioned plan
Provide and mention of ‘A’ Khata in sale deed & Occupancy Certificate (OC) on time  Usually do not provide ‘A’ khata due to deviations

3. Getting home loans is easy: If you buy your home from a reputed builder, your loan gets sanctioned easily. This is because, banks and other financial institutions are well tied with them. As banks and other finance companies check the property themselves for disputes and thereby offer pre approved loans, chances of fraud decreases.

4. Better amenities & quality: When buying a branded home, in terms of amenities, material used (in construction & within the house, doors, cabinets etc) and final finishing, you will definitely have an edge over others.

5. No hidden charges & on-time delivery: When buying a branded home, one thing’s for sure that there will be no surprises in terms of additional costs at the time of possession. All charges are mentioned upfront. When it comes to handing over, reputed builders usually hand over homes as per the tentative date mentioned. However, most often it has been seen (we are sure you’ve heard it too) that non-established builders across Bangalore fail to stick to their timelines.

In short, buying a new 1bhk flat in Pune from a brand name offers you peace of mind. Now, isn’t that the most important thing at the end of the day.

I hope to have eased your dilemma.