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Documents to Check Before or While Buying a New Flat

Here is a list of Documents that should be checked before or while buying your dream flat in Pune:

  1. Ownership Certificate/Extract
  2. Building Layout Approval by Development Authority/Municipality
  3. Obtain “intimation of disapproval” (building permit) from the Building Proposal Office

The intimation of disapproval is issued with a list of “no-objection certificates” (NOCs) which the applicant must obtain separately from various departments and government authorities. Final clearance to build (Commencement Certificate) will only be given once the company obtains all NOCs and meet all IOD conditions. There are about 40 IOD conditions to be met by the builder to be eligible for applying for commencement certificate (CC). Major NOCs/IOD conditions are listed below:

  1. a) Non-Agriculture (NA) permission
  2. b) Tree Authority
  3. c) Storm Water and Drain Department
  4. d) Sewerage Department
  5. e) Hydraulic Department
  6. f) Environmental Department (concerned with debris management)
  7. g) Consent to Establish & Operate
  8. h) Ancient Monument Approval
  9. i) Airports Authority of India
  10. j) Traffic and Coordination Department
  11. k) CFO (fire clearance)
  12. l) Structural Plan Approval
  13. Submit structural plans approved by a structural engineer to the (Municipal)

The Intimation of Disapproval (IOD) is only an approval of the civil plans. Review of the structural plans is done in parallel with the NOC process. No approval to this plan is required from the Municipal Corporation but copies are required to be submitted.

  1. Non-Agriculture Permission

Procedure is time taking and cumbersome.

  1. Obtain “no-objection certificate” NOC from the Tree Authority (Municipal)

Tree Authority Committee of Municipal Corporation due to stringent environmental regulations, the Builder must receive clearance from the Tree Authority set up under the Maharashtra (urban areas) Preservation of Trees Act (1975). The Tree Authority Commission only meets once a month. The Tree Authority must ascertain what trees (if any) will be cut down as a result of construction. If trees are to be cut down, the Builder will have to plant trees to replace them.

  1. Obtain NOC from the Storm Water and Drain Department (Municipal)
  2. Obtain NOC from the Sewerage Department (Municipal)
  3. Obtain NOC from the Electric Department (Municipal)
  4. Obtain a “no-objection certificate” NOC from the Traffic and Coordination Department (Municipal)
  5. Obtain a “no-objection certificate” NOC from the Chief Fire Officer (Municipal)
  6. Environment Clearance:

The environment consultant hired by the company prepares the Environment Impact Assessment Report which is submitted to the State level expert Appraisal Committee which refers it to the State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA). Costal Regulatory Zone (CRZ) clearance is also obtained wherever required.

Approving Authority: Ministry of Environment/State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA)/ State level expert Appraisal Committee

  1. Ancient Monument Approval:
  2. Consent to Establishment & Operate

Ministry of Environment has authorized Pollution Control Board (PCB) to monitor the environment related compliance by the developer which includes setting up of Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) etc.

Approving Authority: Pollution Control Board

  1. NOC from Airport Authority of India

Approving Authority: Civil Aviation Department

  1. Obtain commencement certificate from the Building Proposal Office and pay development charges (Municipal)

On submission of all required NOCs and on compliance of the IOD conditions, the applicant may submit request for the commencement certificate (CC). The documents and NOCs submitted by the applicants are verified by the staff and the necessary commencement certificate is approved.

Commencement Certificate (CC) is given in two stages:

  1. CC upto plinth level
  2. CC beyond plinth level
  3. Bore well Registration Certificate: (Outside Municipal Limit)

Approving Authority: Central Ground Water Authority

Ground water extraction is not allowed in CRZ areas.

  1. NOC if near coastal Area

Approving Authority: Coastal Zone Management Authority

Construction is not allowed upto 500 meters from the coast line.

  1. Permission for Excavation / Royalty payment

Approving Authority: Collector & Executive Engineer in the Ward Office (under the Mines & Minerals Act 1957)

  1. Other Common Facilities Approval: (Internal Infrastructure services)

Approving Authority: The concerned service provider for water, electricity & telecom

  1. Road Access Highway / Expressway:

Approving Authority: NHAI/PWD

  1. Lift Escalator Installation Approval (PWD / CPWD)

Approving Authority: Public Works Deptt

  1. Electric substation NOC For all substation Transformers in building (Electric Service Provider)

Approving Authority: Electricity Distribution Authority

  1. Obtain occupancy certificate from (Municipal)

The occupancy certificate allows the Builder to occupy the building but is not considered

a final document because the Builder still requires the certificate of completion. The company’s architect must submit a formal letter stating that construction has been completed according to the standards set forth in the IOD and CC.

  1. Obtain Building completion certificate from (Municipal)

The completion certificate is considered to be the ultimate document that the Builder requires to fully occupy the building and connect it to utilities.

  1. Apply for permanent power connection and pay fees at Muncipal Electric Supply and Transport (Municipal)
  2. Obtain permanent water connection (with inspection) (Municipal)
  3. Obtain permanent sewerage connection (Municipal)