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Vastu Tips to Follow Before Buying a 1 BHK Flat in Pune

In today’s busy lifestyle, most of the people prefer to buy ready-to-move in 1 BHK flat over house construction, as it involves huge sum of money and time. So, it is always better to take some time out and search an ideal flat which is built on perfect vastu guidelines.

Below are some of the vastu tips to follow before buying a 1 BHK Flat in Pune:

Entrance: If you are planning to buy an flat, the entrance of the building block will be considered as main entrance. According to vastu guidelines, entrance from north or north east considered as a good sign. Entrance from south or west is not advisable because from this direction afternoon infrared rays enter into your flat, which is injurious to health. Also, there should be large open space left around your building.

Sunlight and cross ventilation: In vastu, proper natural lighting and ventilation holds an important position. While buying a flat, you need to check that proper sunlight is entering into the house and also the house has good cross ventilation option. A flat with north or east facing windows and balconies are ideal as per vastu guidelines, as morning sunlight brings positivity into the house. South or west facing windows are not recommended in vastu as afternoon rays are not good for health. According to vastu, the flat should not share a common wall with the neighbouring house, which can create assorted energies.

Kitchen: Placement of kitchen in the north-east direction is not recommended in vastu. It will be always better if you can avoid buying flat which has kitchen placement in the above mentioned direction. However, the north-east direction is ideal for living room or meditation room and south-east corner is perfect for kitchen placement.

Inside the flat: Inside or the centre of the flat should be spacious and clean, ensure this area receives good amount of natural light. Blockage of the centre is not ideal in vastu, so rooms, kitchen or toilets should not be placed in the centre of the house. Interestingly, the living room is ideal for the centre from where you can access every room.

Water storage tank: In a flat, water storage tank should be placed in the north-eastern corner as early morning sunlight is rich in ultraviolet rays which help in water purification. Avoid using plastic water tank and if it is of plastic then it should be of black, blue or any dark colour, which can easily absorb sunrays.

Placement of toilets and bathrooms: According to vastu, toilets and bathrooms should be in south-west corner or in south west direction of the flat. Since, the wind flows from north-east to south-west direction and if a toilet is placed in the north-east direction then the wind will enter the room flowing through the toilet, which will contaminate the air flow in the rooms.

Kid’s room: The north-east or the north-west direction is ideal for kid’s room. It is better to have windows on the north wall as Sun light never reflects through the north direction. This will provide plenty of natural light and also no infrared rays will enter in the kid’s room.